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Top Tips on Camping with Children

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Children love the sense of camping outdoors and having nature surrounding them. If you are thinking of going camping as a family then don’t be put off, read our top tips first!


1.)    Find a well located campsite. Camping is a great option for the family but really you only want to use it as a base as most of the time you will be exploring. The UK Campsite website ( will show you a list of Campsites by entering either a Town, County or Name. It will also show the facilities available.

2.)    Involve the Children. Children love to feel like they are helping and even helping putting up a tent, will not only learn them a new skill but they will love the fact they are helping. You can even go further and strip back to nature and build a bonfire and roast marshmallows!

3.)    Pack Lightly. When camping you can easily get carried away with how much stuff to pack in the car. Most items have more than one utilisation. Nappy wipes, are not only great for wiping bums, but cleaning stains, used as toilet paper, cleaning sticky hands and wiping mucky faces. A great product to always pack is a little bottle of hand sanitizer. Great for on the go.

4.)    Plan for UK Weather. We all know UK weather can change all the time, so plan for every element. Make sure you take your waterproofs and wellies too as some campsites can get very muddy in wet weather.

5.)    Encourage new play. Yes, do take some toys but don’t overload your car with them. There are plenty of other games you can play with objects surrounding you. Take a teddy bear and plant him in the woods along with clues to help find him. See how many different objects they can find starting with a letter. Do take some small items, you can print off colouring sheets from the internet free and take a small bag of crayons too, which is great for the journey there!


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