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Kidos Review

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whizzI was recently asked to review a children’s programme called Kidos.


Kidos is a family friendly application that you download to your computer which allows you to have parental controls on what your children use and see on the internet.


On going onto the website, it was easy enough to locate the download button. Download was simple, quick and easy to follow and all in all only taking 1-2 minutes.


My daughter, who is 4 years old, got straight onto it and I was surprised at how easy it was for her to use and the colours are bold and eye catching. There are four main parts to the children’s section, which are Art, Pictures, Internet and Games.


Art is a basic paint application which my daughter enjoyed making some messy work and pictures is for them to upload and keep their own pictures. There is also Games, which already has ‘Tic Tac Toe’ downloaded to it and then there is the internet. The internet already has ‘Curious George’ and ‘Super Why’ downloaded to it which had a wealth of games, information and print outs for colouring in.


On entering and logging into the parental section, you can amend accounts and there is the Library section which shows what is already downloaded to your child’s application. There is also a Store with a wealth of games, videos and information applications that can be bought for a small price and there are also lots of free applications too. There are books, music and much more to encourage learning.


My daughter enjoyed using this programme and I will continue to use it… actually she is sat beside me now to hurry up with work so she can get back on it!


For more information visit Whizz Kids Technology here.

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