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Bebe + Me - where beautiful gifts come in small packages

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Bebe + Me loves to create and support beautiful handmade baby gifts. We hope to delight, inspire and excite our customers with imaginative designs, bright, colourful and cute fabrics.
Our first hand knowledge of what new mums want and what babies need, enable us to create an eye catching collection. You will find a wide variety of items ranging from bandana dribble bibs, sensory blankets, leather baby shoes, soft toys, knotwear and many other gorgeous handmade gifts.
Our renowned collection of over 50 bandana dribble bibs are all made from 100% Cotton fronts, Polyester super soft fleece backs, 2 nickel free snap fastenings and our bibs have a distinctive white top stitch detail.

Our use of soft fleece backs enables our bibs to soak up all of yours babies dribble, the fleece prevents the dribble from soaking through on to their clothes and also draws the moisture away from their delicate skin and so helps to prevent your baby from developing a sore neck.

Our bibs are ideal for babies from birth as there V-shape design do not swamp their small frames. Due to our use of 2 nickel free snap fastenings our adjustable sized bibs can be worn by children up to the age of
5 years+.

Our sensory blankets are fantastic for young children especially baby's. As many parents will tell you a label or tag attached to any item can provide a baby with hours of curious entertainment.

Not only do Bebe+Me Sensory Blankets provide comfort and security (resulting in a calmer baby), but they also help to improve eye hand coordination and allows you child to explorer different textures, colours and shapes.

Each blanket is approx. 30x30cm and has two layers of fabric one side a super soft fleece (perfect for snuggling) and the other side a coordinating gingham, safely secured between these two layers are a total of 24 looped ribbons in a number of different textures, colours and patterns.

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