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Boppy Nursing Pillow Review

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Boppy Nursing Pillow.

On receiving the Boppy Nursing Pillow the first couple of things I noticed were how colourful the pillow was and that it also comes in a handy clear storage case with top handles, which means it can easily be transported from place to place or even when travelling. The packaging is sturdy and informative, but the good thing is about the packaging is that there is minimum waste. There is also a picture on the packaging which shows a mother and baby using the Boppy and a few paragraphs on its versatile uses.


The Boppy itself is in a horseshoe shape and is sturdy. The benefits of nestling your baby into the pillow when either breastfeeding or even feeding a bottle creates a snug comfortable place for your baby to lie, giving you face to face interaction and bonding between you and your baby.


The one concern I had is that because of the amount of feeding that would be carried out on the Boppy then it would need to be easy to clean. The great news is that the naked pillow itself is machine washable and then the slipcovers are also interchangeable and again machine washable, which means it is extremely hygienic for your baby. The Boppy I had received was covered in a lovely pink design which was colourful and modern (right picture). The slipcover was very easy to remove by undoing a long zip to the top of the pillow. The slipcover can also be put in the tumble dryer, which means less time to wash and dry. However, the better option would be to purchase a couple of the slipcovers so when one is in use the other one is in the wash! The other designs available can be found on and are all lovely and bright. Some are designed for girls and boys and there are other neutral ones too.


I found that the Boppy has other great uses too. For yourself you can use it as a neck pillow and it would also be great to put your baby in the middle when they can sit upright to create a support, which means not only is the Boppy great for nursing but it grows with you and your baby too.


Boppy has created an advergame to support the launch of this product in the UK. You can play this game below or online at


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