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Quality time with children and books - WIN 'ANIMAL BOOGIE' BOOK!

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"My child is too young for books"  how many times have I heard this and how many times then do you think, as an ex teacher and a "book" lady  I have  popped up and said they are never too young for books.
A love of books nurtured in a child from the earliest age will lead to a great future. It is so important to begin that process early. Sitting snuggling with your baby or young child not only allows you good bonding time but it encourages a love of books from an early age. As a nursery owner for many years, I was able to pick out the children who shared this precious time with their parents! 
Sharing books with your young child will be laying very good foundation stones for the future. Pictures tell stories so books with no words are a good starting place. You can chat about the pictures and get your child to identify different things within the picture. You can make up your own story as you turn the pages of the book. It is important not to try and rush to the end. If time is short - choose a book with less pages as children love to study the pictures and often don't want to be hurried. Time spent with your youngster and books (often at bedtime) can be very magical. Children who enjoy books from an early age with their parents/grandparents /carers have much more chance of becoming confident readers. In so doing, then then have the world at their feet! Non readers struggle continuously and it is so sad to see.
There are so many brilliant publishers out there. I can't think of any excuse not to surround your child with beautiful books. Even if money is short, joining the local library where the librarians often run story times is a good option.
My love of children and passionate desire to help them learn to read, is, I suppose, why I became a "book lady" when the stresses of paperwork in my teaching career forced me out of teaching. 

animalboogie3I would like to offer a copy of my favourite Barefoot book "Animal Boogie" to one lucky winner. To enter just send an email to me at [email protected] giving me your details by midnight on the 30th September 2010.
For more information and to see more books, please visit here.

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