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Pulling your tummy in...

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spanxI received my Higher Power Spanx on a perfect morning as I was off to the Godiva Business Awards on that night. After stuffing myself with food before I went, I was hoping I could conceal my little podge showing as I needed to try and squeeze myself into my tight black cocktail dress!

The first thing I noticed when putting my High Waisted Power Panty on is that they felt comfortable and the band around the top made them stay up perfectly. The body shaping control offers perfect smoothing support and eradicates problems of VPL or the leg band showing as you can hardly notice the seam.

So after donning my Spanx and putting my dress on I was ready to go. I felt slimmer throughout the whole waistline and didn't even notice them when I was sitting down or standing. The big thing for me that I was worried about was that I didn't feel I had to keep pulling them up as they were just staying in place.

Mother nature called but instead of having to dance around the cubicle trying to get them up and down the double gusset opens to make it so much easier. Next stage was trying to manoevre on the dance floor, which was so much easier then I thought it was going to be. I could move around freely and easily without worrying about a thing.

Great product and would definately use again for a good occasion. Comfortable, easy to wash and packaging cool. As stated on the packaging ... don't worry we've got your butt covered! Love it!
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