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A touch of Forever....

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I feel like I have been so pampered the past few weeks. I have reviewed loads of beauty products and hopefully I am now radiating!

I was given a big box of Forever Living products from Stacie Calder Roe to trial out.

I started with the Shampoo and Condition. I wash my hair daily. For some reason it looks greasy even after one day! I think it is used to being groomed too much! The Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo was luxuriously creamy and you only need a small blob. It is mild enough to suit all hair types and left my hair feeling very soft, shiny and manageable. The Conditioner also worked great to create a lovely glossy look. Each come as 296ml.

The second product was the Avocado Face & Body Soap. Made with a 100% pure avocado butter. My face felt fresh, clean and moisturised. I used it to wash my make-up off and it worked a treat.

To wash my hands I was given the Aloe Liquid Soap. You only need the smallest amount and this soap turns into a lovely creamy wash. I also found it useful to use whilst shaving and gentle enough to use on the face and kind enough to sensitive skin.

Next, onto brushing my teeth! The Forever Bright Toothgel, with its non-fluoride formula left my teeth feeling fresh and minty. A great taste that adults and children alike will love!

After all the pampering I felt shattered so I popped a Bee Pollen Tablet in my mouth! Aimed to boost energy and stamina whilst maintaining a healthy digestive and nervous system. So then it was back to work…

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