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Ruby and Ginger Celebrate their 1st year trading..

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It has been a real journey from Mum to Mumpreneur over the past 12 months but as we celebrate our first anniversary here at Ruby and GINGER we have been having a think about our journey so far and the highs and lows of it all…

For those of you who don’t know us we are Brenda and Liz, 2 business women who stepped off the corporate ladder to become mums and never returned. Instead we design stylish and innovative solutions for modern parenting – The original nappy purse that turns any bag into a change bag, the Cosy Car Seat Cover that keeps your baby warm and snug in their car seat and the Toy Tie that stops your little one losing their favourite toy by attaching it to their pushchair.

The highs … what do we say is our highest high… seeing our Nappy Purse recommended by Tess Daly in her style column? A random mum recommending our own products to us? The great day on Twitter when someone was looking for a gorgeous small bag for nappies and loads of people tweeted Ruby and GINGER?  Or the fantastic response to our products at the Baby Show for Trade?  

These are the some of the more obvious ones but its also the little things that have helped spur us on and believe that we too can join the world of Mumpreneurs for real  – as sometimes, definitely at the beginning – it did feel a bit like a game – We would look at each other with our new fabric design and laugh out loud often saying – “can you believe we have done this? By ourselves? Just us?”  But here we are one year in, with our products are now available in shops, online and even abroad! 

The lows… oh there have been a few of them, anyone who has set up their own business will have sat at some point and wondered why oh why have we embarked on this journey?

The day our stock shipment got stuck so we turned up at our first ever fair with only samples to show – that was a low, the 26th of each month especially those first few – when you realised that no one was dropping a nice salary into your bank account!  That’s a low. The doubting conversations over wine thinking ‘we love our products but will everyone else?”  Oh and standing at a craft fair outside in minus 8 degrees with no customers….that may be the lowest low!

But here we are one year in, we have survived sanity just about intact, old friendships strengthened, new friends made, loads learnt about business and life but proud as punch to see our stuff out there for people to buy! Makes me grin just writing the words!

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