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Do I really need maternity clothes?

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bumpmatThe honest answer is that you probably don’t. You could get by in the next size up or borrow your partner’s clothes but you simply won’t look or feel as great as you should do at such a special time.

Think swelling and shape. Here’s the technical bit… during pregnancy the volume of blood within your body increases by a huge amount. You need increased amounts of blood and your baby needs more and more as it grows. Your heart has to work harder to keep all of that blood pumping.

If you restrict the flow of blood through your body with ill-fitting clothing you are likely to swell in all the wrong places! This will make you feel uncomfortable, lead to hot flushes and hinder your enjoyment of your pregnancy. Just remember that your baby needs room to grow and your body is going to grow to accommodate it. Most of us “normal” people certainly seem to grow more than the average celebrity mum!

Your shape will change, your waist will disappear and your boobs will soon hit mega proportions! Please don’t reach for that tent sized t-shirt and your partners old joggers. Your pregnant curves are something to be embraced; show them off. Be glamorous, be sexy. The pregnant form really is gorgeous. Specially designed maternity clothing really will show you off in the best possible way.

Maternity clothing is specifically designed for your pregnant shape; both inside and out.

-            maternity clothes are specially woven to prevent the fabric stretching out of shape. Your hemline won’t rise or go wonky on a good quality maternity garment.

-            any pattern will be woven into the fabric itself rather than printed on to the fabric. This means that the pattern remains the same as you grow. It won’t stretch out of shape or go thin and “white” as can happen with non-maternity clothing.

-                      they tend to consist of fabrics made up of not just cotton. Fabrics made of 100% cotton absorb everything that your body lets out i.e. sweat, breast milk. Fabrics which include elements such as viscose or elastane retain the comfort of cotton but dry out more quickly and don’t stain so easily. A 100% cotton garment is great but will stain over time.

-            maternity clothing has support just where you and your baby needs it i.e. the bust and bump areas. These areas of support become invaluable as you grow, and make your clothing much more comfortable for you.

-            a great deal of maternity clothing is also designed to be worn whilst you are nursing. It is cleverly designed to look stylish and to give you and your baby some privacy whilst breastfeeding in public. You can wear these items during and after your pregnancy.

There are lots of gorgeous maternity clothes out there. Maternity fashion now changes each season to keep in line with what’s hot on the High Street. You can even buy skinny maternity jeans! At long last it has been recognized that women want to feel as good pregnant as they did before.  You really don’t have to compromise your style. Modern maternity wear looks great and is best for you and you baby. Feel Fantastic and be Bumpalicious!

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