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Review on the Baby Jogger City Mini Metro Double

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My Baby Jogger City Mini Metro Double

by Soozi at

babyjoggerSorry to start on a negative, but I want to leave you with an overall positive impression, so I’ll get the bad stuff out the way first and end on a good note. The biggest downside about this buggy is the name – it’s just a string of seemingly unconnected words. ‘What buggy do you have?’ someone asks me and I reply ‘Oh well, it’s a baby jogger city mini metro double thingy bob’. Apart from trying to remember all the words, most of them are pretty useless for describing a buggy: it comes with a disclaimer that states it is not to be jogged with, and it can hardly be called mini since it holds two babies. I guess you could use it in the city or some other metropolitan area, but likewise it wouldn’t look out of place in a small town, village or anywhere else. But it is for babies and definitely has two seats, so that’s ok.

But for all my moaning about the name, I actually do love this buggy...

...despite its other shortcoming. You see, it has this ‘pull to fold’ action, which is pretty impressive when you first see it. Yank the two handles upwards and the buggy collapses in half – simple and quick. The reality however, is that for shorties like me (five foot on the dot if you’re wondering), you have to lean quite a way forward to grab those handles, and then it folds so quickly you don’t have a chance to get your shins out the way. Ow!

But, I do love this buggy. It’s light for a double (around 10kg) and surprisingly fits through most normal doorways – though it’s pretty tight and sometimes takes a little wiggle. But it’s ridiculously manoeuvrable with the front wheels in swivel mode. The seats are easy to put down and up, and they lie almost flat for newborns (we’ve used it since they were 2 weeks old). The shades have several different place settings and keep the sun off well, and they have little windows in so that you can see your babies (again, it helps to be over five foot tall for this). We have the raincover, which is easy to put on and fits well, and the footmuffs which don’t fit very well at all. My tip would be to not buy the official baby jogger footmuffs – they were designed for the single and are too wide for the narrower seats on the double – do a bit of shopping around and you’ll probably find some generic ones which fit better. To top it off it was a decent price - I got it for a shade under £300 in December 2010.

When it comes to buying a double buggy the choice is a lot more limited than buying a single, so I was happy to find one that I would choose to buy even if the choice were wider. Now if they could just make that name a bit more snappy....

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