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Review of Dotto game by Tactic

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We were lucky enough to be sent a few games from Tactic through Blog Match and our first one we have reviewed is the 'Dotto' Game.

dottoThe idea of the game Dotto is to race aginst time and use coloured dice to find the pattern shown on your card. There is a timer included in the box (this does require batteries and a screwdriver to open the battery door!) and this goes off randomly during the game when pressed. Therefore you need to have quick fingers to make sure you are the winner by putting all the coloured dice down.

My daughter, Ashleigh, is 5 years old and enjoyed this game that does state 6 years plus on the box and 2-5 players. It is a bit fiddly turning the next card over to reveal the next pattern to make but I took control of this. The instructions were okay but could of been a bit easier set out and as this is a game in the UK, it would of been nice to have the UK instructions first in the booklet as they are about half way through.

Apart from that we had a few hours of fun and even had a board game night the other night, with Dotto being one of the games we played.

You can buy Dotto from Amazon here priced at £14.99.

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