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Review of Tactic Faqir Game

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faqir1Ashleigh is very excited as we keep getting parcels through from Blog Match with some great games in and next on our list was the Faqir Game from Tactic.

I wasn't sure what to think of the name of the game and it certainly didn't give anything away!

Faqirs apparently like lying on a bed of nails and the idea of the game is to place coloured nails on the board so that the faqir gets to come out from their pop up dressing room and lie on them. Each Faqir card has different holes through them and the idea is to line all your nails up perfectly so that they can balance perfectly on them.faqir2

This game is for 2-4 players and is for ages 7+. Ashleigh is five years old and still enjoyed the game but I did think it wasn't very good. The instructions weren't very clear and I didn't find it very enjoyable as the last game we reviewed. However, Ashleigh has played it quite a few times now but I try not to smirk when she says the name as it can sound a bit wrong!

You can buy the game directly from Amazon for £18.28.



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