Special Needs Pushchair

Special Needs Pushchair


Special Needs Pushchair


 £35.00 for 3 days

£45.00 for 1 week

£65.00 for 2 weeks

£75.00 for 1 month

The Maclaren Major Elite covers an age range from say 2 years to 8 years, although suitability is more about size rather than age, with a maximum weight of 100lbs (45kg). This larger model is based on the standard Maclaren 'umbrella style' folding strollers, the Major Elite is essentially just a larger version. It has an adjustable footplate which can be positioned at three levels to suit the child's leg length so the pushchair can grow with the child. Whilst the Major Elite may be used for someone with special needs the seat may be unsuitable if they require postural management support, if in doubt please seek the advice of your physiotherapist. It has a five point harness, shoulder height adjustable four levels, dual rear wheel parking brakes, good manoeuvrability in small places, it is best on smooth surfaces. Comes with sun shade and rain cover.  

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